-Space Tigers is a Berlin-based electro-jazz-rock band gathered around Greg’s and Vanja’s compositions.

“Real Sofa Techno Jazz Surfers” keep their spirit ahead with their own brand. Call it Jazz, Techno, Punk, or Funk – for them, it doesn’t matter. Be aware – it’s not just a group, it’s a movement, it’s an invasion.

Poster Design (c) Sanja Star


Downbeat Jazz, November 17th.2017

“Space Tigers usually have a trumpet, alto saxophone, guitar, and drums lineup, but their regular trumpeter was replaced at late notice by a second altoist, thereby creating a grouping that recalled the Spy vs. Spy combination of Tim Berne and John Zorn, or the twinned altoists of the English band Led Bib. Space Tigers locked into a metallic cross-hatching of rock-funk patterns, maintaining this hard intensity throughout their set, either with jointly entwining altos or with solo horn stretches, attaining a pinnacle of piercing precision.”

-Martin Longley, Downbeat

“Space Tigers is a fitting title for the killer Berlin-based jazz rock power trio. Capture them if they land from outer space and prowl on a jungle floor near you… before somebody gets hurt!”

-guitarist and composer, Jonathan Kreisberg

“The crude riffs of alternative rock resemble Rosenvinkel’s “negligent” work in the band Human Feel, drum’n bass beats and unleashed sax passages invoke the energy of the new British jazz movement.”


“It is important to understand what this band it’s all about, and if necessary to empathize with their psychobilly trance, just do it.”


“They will spice things up with their own brand of “sofa techno jazz.”

-David Galic, Birn, October 26th.2017


“How did your acquaintance and later the cooperation with the Space Tigers project came about?”
Vanja and Grgur: We met in Graz in 2005, and seven years later, our energy drove us together to a project called Unleashed Bop Force. Shortly afterward, our accidental meeting at the Berlin Zoo in 2015, in front of a tiger cage in attendance with the awake eye of Jim Beam with us, a new movement emerged that would change the intergalactic space and the time in which the universe itself is located. The same that Captain James T. Kirk used to sail. (to boldly go where no one has gone before)…

“Why the name of Space Tigers?”
Vanja and Grgur: The original name of the band was “Klingonische Dildo Radfahrerin”. Regarding the objection of the assembly of an unknown city from Belgium, and warning from Mangela Perkel of Baden Wurtenberg that this name is already in use, the change took place on 17.9.2015 in the famous Techno Club in Berlin – Tresor, in front of the gates of the disk jockey counter, where the Tiger appeared to us. For us two…it was the “Tiger from the Universe”.

“Your sound is characteristic because of your original and unique concept that you apply while creating melodic lines. What does this concept mean and what does the composing process look like?”

Vanja and Grgur: The Space Tigers concept is based on the projection of the sound energy coming from unexplored space galaxies. With our compositions, we do not have literally anything. We are in fact only receivers. The universe sends us signals in the form of frequencies that we transform into melodies with our music-acquired senses and music education, and writing it down into the secret tiger book collections that are preserved by Kit Kat monks, the biggest harem of sexual deity, psytrance, and blasphemy.

“It is written on your website to “feed” the various music styles that keep the spirit of the band Space Tigers. What are the musical styles?”
Vanja and Grgur: Yes…Jazz, Country, Techno, Grunge, Bela Bartok, Punk, Chinese Tiger Polka, Austrian Jodeling, Stravinsky, Janika Balaž Polka Style, Siberian Fist Pop, Himalayan Dub, Japan Reggae, African Salsa, Techno Rockabilly, Eskimo Death Metal …

“Can you tell us more about the album you have released for the Swiss Unit Records?”
Vanja and Grgur: The album itself is as precise as a Swiss watch and tasty like a Swiss puffed cheese that Heidi was bringing daily to her grandfather Almohi in the Alps, who was always hungry.

“What kind of program do you prepare for your audience”
Vanja and Grgur: We are the program that broadcasts a virtual matrix, where each of the listeners has two choices. Two frequencies – two options. By choosing the blue frequency, the story ends. You have just listened to a good performed concert with further belief in what you believe, whether it’s quality or not. If you stay in the Wonderland of the Red Frequency, you attend the testimony of the very depths of the Tigers Cave. It’s only here that our story begins with Tutankhamun itself, which takes us all to the universe in the form of a triangle

“The slogan of this year’s Belgrade Jazz Festival is “JAZZ VISION”. What is your vision of jazz for the future?”
Vanja and Grgur: “Follow the white rabbit”.